Punch,  58 (1870), 107.

Entomological Studies. Showing the Transformation of Three Different Kind of Lepidoptera, from the Larva R Aterpillar, into the Imago or Perfect Insect

D M *


Illustration, Drollery

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wdct. [6]


D M *


Entomology, Animal Development, Human Development, Evolution

    Shows three pairs of scenes, each depicting how caterpillar-shaped humans suffer a dreary existence during the day, but enjoy an exciting life during the evening when they have developed into butterflies. The first pair shows a clerk turning into the 'Music-Hall Moth, or Nocturnal Cad-Fly', the second shows a workman turning into 'The Six-Footed Narcissus, or Scarlet Sesquipealian', and the third shows a girl suffering a tedious life reading and playing the piano becoming the 'Girl of the Period Butterfly (Puella rapiduta)'.

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