Punch,  58 (1870), 23.

Rome and Ramsbotham

Lavinia R Junior


Regular Feature, Letter, Spoof


Religion, Religious Authority, Astronomy, Instruments, Meteorology, Astrology, Prognostication

    Written from the perspective of a slightly illiterate female correspondent writing from Rome during the meeting of the Ňícumenical Council. She compares the 'Roman Currycombs' with the underground railway in London, and notes that the 'Great Antipathy' 'Mr Rossy' is here (possibly a reference to the actor Ernesto Rossi) although she believes this is 'the same that invented the large telescope in Ireland somewhere (a reference to William Parsons (3rd Earl Rosse)). In a postscript she tells Mr Punch that the 'weather-prophets sat we're going to have a very bad time of it in Rome; but I don't trust their vaccinations. Give me Old Moore and Zamiel'.

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