Punch,  58 (1870), 93.

On the Wrong Ground





Politics, Government, Class, Scientific Practitioners

    Urges 'hand-working men who aspire to Parliamentary representation of their class' to be 'very careful in their choice of fighting-ground' if they wish to retain 'the sympathy and support of the head-working men in their struggle'. Criticises them for putting forward a working man's candidate in a Maidstone by-election where John Lubbock was standing in the Liberal interest. Presents an extract from the Spectator praising Lubbock as 'an able banker, an accomplished economist and financier, a man of the widest and deepest scientific culture, a thorough physiologist, a good geologist, an original writer on prehistoric times'. Emphasises the rarity of these qualities in the House of Commons and warns working men that if they hinder the progress of such statesmen as Lubbock they will 'make way for the fox, while the lion and the bear are worrying each other'.

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