Punch,  59 (1870), 133.

Extracts from my Common-Place Book. (N.B. The Authorities Will Be Kept till Called for)  [2/5]



Notes, Spoof, Serial


Geology, Education, Political Economy, Cultural Geography, Travel, Ethnology, Astrology

People mentioned:

Auguste Comte , John Dee

    A series of observations on the natural and social world. For example, 'An acquaintance with Geology is much more common than is generally supposed: we all know chalk from cheese'. Also, Alexander von Humboldt 'knew of no race of people, however savage and swarthy, which did not keep up the custom of saluting the bridesmaids on the return of the wedding party from church, except among the Mongols, who tattoo them, instead, with true lovers' knots and the monogram of the bride and groom interlaced, in red ink, at the chemist's'.

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