Punch,  59 (1870), 12.

Poached Eggs and their Poachers





Cruelty, Natural History, Ornithology, Animal Behaviour, Hunting, Education

    Discusses a report in the Agricultural Journal describing how a Cornish gamekeeper used the bait of an adder to catch a harrier hawk. Considers that 'gamekeepers are generally actuated by a zeal which is not at all according to knowledge, but is, on the contrary, according to ignorance, the grossest, of natural history'. Asserts that they shoot down 'every one of the Falconidae without mercy and without discrimination', and proceeds to claim that the harrier hawk is not only beautiful but actually destroys such poachers as adders. Concludes by suggesting that 'some of the resident gentlefolks' enlighten the minds of their 'rustic audiences' with 'familiar' accounts of the 'various birds and animals' with which they are acquainted.

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