Punch,  59 (1870), 85.

The Use of the New Forest





Environmentalism, Meteorology, Ecology, Botany, Cultural Geography, Government, Politics

    Begins by warning that England lost 'fifty millions by a failure of the hay crop in consequence of the drought', which is a continuation of a three-year 'rain famine'. Adds that since 'trees are the great retainers of moisture', felling trees will only exacerbate this problem. Points out that since the revolution, France has felled many of its trees, which has resulted in 'particularly severe' droughts, although the government is now planting trees to remedy the situation. Supports a remark made by a correspondent in The Times, who attacks plans to 'destroy the New Forest, one of the best storehouses of moisture' in the south of England. Hopes the 'enlightened public will restrain them from carrying out the despicable intentions of Foolish Fellers'.

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