Punch,  60 (1871), 219.

Airy, C.B.





Astronomy, Heroism, Metrology, Measurement, Railways

    Contends that George B Airy's knighthood (Companion of the Bath) is richly deserved. Notes Airy's northern English origins and hopes to live to see 'the sheen of his stars'. Although the 'Great Bear' would have been an appropriate constellation to be worn by an astronomer hailing from the north of England, his 'Southern Cross' is considered an emblem of equal value. Appreciates the Crown's recognition of this 'Hero of Science'. Imagines that Julius Caesar would have praised Airy for writing about his 'landing in Kent' and for backing decimal coinage. Insists that Airy was 'wiser' than Isambard K Brunel in supporting narrow gauge railways. Concludes with the sun praising Airy for correcting tables for the sun, moon, and ancient eclipses.

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