Punch,  63 (1872), 133–34.

Literature, Science, and Art



Regular Feature, News-Digest, Spoof


Astronomy, Chemistry, Monstrosities, Zoological Gardens, Comparative Philology, Zoology

    Promises readers that they will be 'the first to hear from the ardent astronomer' when a 'new planet swims into his ken' (a quote from John Keats's Sonnet IX), and when the philosopher 'discovers another lustrous metal'. Announces that it had hoped to give information on the 'elusive' 'Sea Serpent' and expects to see the creature in the Zoological Society Gardens within a year. Thinks an expedition should be organised to search for other mythical creatures, including the mermaid, unicorn, and phoenix. Reminds readers of new creatures at the zoo, including mammals and marsupials. Notes the increasing vogue for aquaria and a proposal to display a turtle in one of them. (133)

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