Punch,  7 (1844), 57.

The British Pharmacopoeia; or, Farmer's First Lesson in Chemistry



Reportage, Drollery


Agriculture, Chemistry, Education, Matter Theory

People mentioned:

Justus von Liebig

    Reports on classes on agricultural chemistry held in Hampshire. Attaches a report of one lesson written in a parody of the West Country dialect. Examples of the statements made in the lesson include, 'An atom is a mossel o'zummut; a bit o' dust or zand, loike', 'Soda is stuff as washerwomen uses. Ammonia is one o' them fine names as your gentlefolks gives their daaters', and 'Chemical Affinity, Attraction, Cohesion, Composition, Decomposition, Analysis, Synthesis, is a parcel of outlandish gibberish'. The reporter adds that the latter statements 'exhibit some slight discrepancy with the views of Faraday'.

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