Punch,  9 (1845), 111.

Political Railway Accident



Illustration, Caricature; Announcement, Spoof

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Railways, Accidents, Politics, Religion,

    Illustration shows Robert Peel driving a steam locomotive labelled 'EXPEDIENCY', which is seen pulling a carriage marked with the words '£30,000' and 'Maynooth'—a reference to Peel's controversial bill to give this sum to the impoverished Roman Catholic seminary, Maynooth College. The text regretfully announces the accident that happened to Peel's train, an accident caused by Peel's recklessness as a driver and the 'exceedingly crooked' line that he was following. Adds that had he not been driving Expediency, the accident might have been fatal, and that by 'keeping up the speed that he succeeded in keeping clear of the dead-weight [the Maynooth bill] at his back'.

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