Review of Reviews,  1 (1890), 38–40.

What Should I Do With My Millions? By Mr. Millionaire Carnegie




Publications abstracted:

Andrew Carnegie North American Review


Patronage, Universities, Astronomy, Observatories, Progress, Instruments, Libraries, Hospitals, Laboratories, Medical Practitioners, Gender

    Among various philanthropic suggestions, millionaires 'interested in the ennobling study of astronomy' are advised that 'the progress made in astronomical instruments and appliances is so great and continuous, that every few years a new telescope might be judiciously given to one of the observatories upon this continent' (38–39). Also 'great sums can be worthily used' for the 'founding or extension of hospitals, medical colleges, laboratories, and other institutions connected with the alleviation of human suffering, and especially with the prevention rather than the cure of human ills'. Observes that their 'employment as nurses has enlarged the sphere and influence of women', and that this class of females might provide suitable wives for senators and physicians. (39)

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