Review of Reviews,  1 (1890), 398.

How Sounds are Made Visible. The Story of Pictures Made by Music




Publications abstracted:

John F Rowbotham Cassell's Family Magazine


Wonder, Sound, Music, Experiment, Photography

    Begins by asserting that 'When our fathers were told that the sun could be made to turn artist they told the early photographist to carry such stories to the marines. Now when we are told that pictures can be made by notes of music we are equally incredulous'. Nevertheless, 'it is true' and in several 'delicate investigations into the nature of sound' the voice of a singer has produced 'most unexpected forms', such as 'Daisies, with every petal perfectly shaped', on an elastic 'membrane [...] covered with a semi-fluid paste' attached to a 'hollow receiver'. These are then 'photographed whilst the membrane is in sonorous vibration'.

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