Review of Reviews,  1 (1890), 409.

Is the Sun Cold? Yes, and Inhabited. By S. M. Allan




Publications abstracted:

Steven M Allan Arena


Astronomy, Physics, Ether, Extra-Terrestrial Life, Creation, Heterodoxy

    Notes somewhat sceptically that Allan 'signs himself A.M., LL.B., F.R.H.S.'. The 'old theory of a fiery sun' is contradicted by Allan's 'newly discovered law of "actien"', according to which the sun throws off a cold 'imponderable fluid' which produces heat only by 'its conflict with ether'. This cool sun, moreover, is 'an inhabited globe with an atmosphere'. Allan also holds that 'the conflict between actien and ether results in the generation of atomic and molecular substance, which fly off into space, where they float until, driven by attraction, they resolve into a body which revolves upon its axis. The body then begins to grow'. In this manner the 'earth was formed and concentrated under great pressure, an atmosphere was created for it by the aqueous vapours as a necessary result'. According to Allan, the article concludes, 'we have the key to creation in our hands'.

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