Review of Reviews,  1 (1890), 486.

The Miracles of Hypnotism. The New and Terrible Secret of Science




Publications abstracted:

Jules B Luys Fortnightly Review


Mesmerism, Fear, Psychology

    Hypnotism, which is in fact 'but mesmerism under a scientific alias', is of 'all the coming sciences the most marvellous and most uncanny'. This 'novel system of experimentalising upon the body and mind of man', however, is 'quite the most terrible revelation which has ever been afforded us of the power which one man may exert over his fellow creatures'. It 'suggests limitless possibilities as to the disintegration of personality', 'makes credible all the old stories of diabolical possession', and under its influence a man 'ceases to be a man, and becomes a machine'.

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