Review of Reviews,  10 (1894), 505–07.

The Classification of Literature. Wanted: A New Catalogue



Editorial, Miscellaneous


Disciplinarity, Boundary Formation, Nomenclature, Travel, Sociology

    Examines the new system 'known as the Decimal Classification, invented by Mr. Melvil Dewey', pointing out the many inconsistencies that it cannot resolve. With books on 'geography, topography, voyages, [and] travel', for example, 'it is almost impossible to define what they cover. Much geology, natural history, with other important subjects, might well be hidden away under any one of these kindred terms'. Suggests that most 'tedious of all are the subjects included under the general term "Sociology"', and notes that 'there was a curious classification of science and sociology by Dr. Boleslas [i.e. Boleslaw] Limanowski in the Revue Internationale de Sociologie, July–August. It was called the philosophical classification; and it would certainly require some careful study on the part of those who would master its philosophy'. (505)

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