Review of Reviews,  12 (1895), 383–95.

The Progress of the World



Regular Feature, Editorial, News-Commentary

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Gender, Medical Practitioners, Machinery, Technology, Transport, Nomenclature

    Records how 'In Austria, for the first time, a woman has received a Government medical appointment'. However, 'Court Councillor Albert, a distinguished surgeon of the University, has just issued a pamphlet entitled "Women and the Study of Medicine"', in which he 'roundly declares that women are not fit for the medical profession', although 'For one who is so supremely confident in the innate superiority of his own sex, this animal of culture seems to be somewhat lacking in chivalry'. Also reports that the 'Motorcycle, as the horseless carriage is to be named in the future, has come to stay. At Tunbridge Wells an exhibition of these vehicles was given last month, and this month a great Motorcycle race at Chicago will bring the new vehicle still more prominently before the world. The horse has survived steam; will he be able to defy petroleum?'. (395)

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