Review of Reviews,  14 (1896), 48–49.

"Thus Saith the Lord" in South Africa. A New Commandment. By Olive Schreiner




Publications abstracted:

Olive Schreiner Fortnightly Review


Race, Ethnology, Imperialism, Breeding, Crime

    Comments that 'Schreiner could hardly fail to be immensely attracted by the sympathy of her nature to the half-breed—that most forlorn and tragic of all results of the impact of race on race. We have long been familiar with the painful and perplexing problem that is presented by the existence of a large Eurasian population in India, and now we learn from this article that the same problem presents itself quite as conspicuously in South Africa' (48). Also notes that 'the half-caste supplies the vicious and criminal class to South Africa', and that 'most half-breeds are themselves the children of half-breeds, for this unfortunate race increases and multiplies with rapidity' (49).

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