Review of Reviews,  14 (1896), 348–54.

"Buck Up and Look Slippy!". The Note of the Nation's Need To-Day





National Efficiency, Government, Declinism, Industry, Technology, Education, Schools

People mentioned:

Andrew Jamieson

    Records the 'alarm that has been created by the ever accumulating evidence of the national peril to which we are exposed by the growth of German and foreign competition', and warns that the 'hare that has gone to sleep while the tortoise is creeping past must wake up. John Bull has been caught napping. The nation must pull itself together, brace its energies, and forge ahead with renewed energy, or it will be left behind' (348). Insists that 'Ignorance is the domestic Turk against whom the popular forces must be turned', and urges reformers to 'concentrate their attention on the question of raising the school age, improving school machinery in the rural districts, and carrying out the recommendations of the Commission on Technical or, as it ought to be called, Practical Education' (349).

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