Review of Reviews,  14 (1896), 531.

A Man and a Woman; or, Lawless Life and Lyric Love




Publications abstracted:

Charles Whibley Mary G Tuttiett New Review


Evolution, Naturalists, Analogy, Periodicals, Prehistory, Conservatism, Morality

    Remarks that 'In this strange world of ours, when men and beasts of all stages of development jostle each other in the field and in the market-place, endless sensations of wonder and surprise meet the naturalist or the observer of human affairs when the two extremes meet, and some monster which survives from the age when the Saurians disported themselves in primeval slime, is found to be the next-door neighbour of one of the latest and most marvellous products of evolution. It is somewhat of the same sensation that one receives in this month's New Review, which contains within its covers two articles which, of all those that have appeared in the periodicals this year, most completely represent the two extremes of evolution in the sphere of morals'.

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