Review of Reviews,  15 (1897), 2–7.

The Progress of the World



Regular Feature, Editorial, News-Commentary


Industrial Chemistry, Patronage, Discovery

    Notes that the late 'Alfred Nobel, the Swede, whose name is familiar wherever dynamite is used as the Thor Hammer of Modern Industry' has bequeathed some £2,000,000 'for the purpose of encouraging scientific study, medical discovery, and the promotion of international peace'. The interest annually accruing from this sum (around £60,000) will be split into 'five portions, to be awarded in prizes for the most important discoveries' in physics, chemistry, and physiology or medicine, as well as for the promotion of peace, and will, in Nobel's opinion, be 'the very best mode of stimulating the intellect and energy of mankind in regions where the ordinary incentives fail'. (2)

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