Review of Reviews,  15 (1897), 305–16.

The Progress of the World



Regular Feature, Editorial, News-Commentary


Photography, Technology, Statistics, Disease, Sex, Hygiene, Public Health, Morality, Imperialism, Medical Practitioners, Gender

    Reports the eagerly anticipated 'prize fight for the Championship of the ring' which was fought in Nevada between Robert Fitzsimmons and James J Corbett. The fight 'lasted nearly an hour, and as every phase of it was photographed for reproduction on the kinetoscope, we may expect to see the latest resources of photographic science employed in familiarising every man and boy in the English-speaking world with every detail of the fourteen rounds' (314). Also disputes the statistical claims made concerning the prevalence of syphilis in the British Army in India ('522 per 1,000'), and warns again that the 'advocates for licensing prostitution have been ill-advised in selecting this year for raising the question' (see RR1/15/2/1). Accepts, however, that no one can have 'any objection whatever to doing everything that can be properly done to lessen the ravages of any disease, no matter what its origin', and insists that 'no one would object [...] if the unfortunate female camp-followers of British regiments could be treated by female medical officers whenever they fall ill'. Providing 'facilities for healing the sick', though, is very different to 'creating an institution for recognising and virtually establishing the vice which is the direct cause of the disease in question'. (315)

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