Review of Reviews,  16 (1897), 107–18.

The Progress of the World



Regular Feature, Editorial, News-Commentary

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Hunting, Natural Imperialism, Extinction, Sanitation, Imperialism, Sex, Hygiene, Public Health, Aeronautics, Exploration, Navigation

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    Calls on the American government to 'save the seals [of the Alaskan Islands] from destruction by adopting the method of herding and branding recommended by Dr. Jordan' (see RR1/15/5/1), and warns that 'a five years' armistice in the warfare waged by man against the seal, will be necessary to avert the threatened extermination of the herd' (110). Reports that the 'disaffection and almost revolutionary discontent provoked by the efforts to enforce sanitary regulations in Poona continues to harass public attention', and advises that the 'savage resentment occasioned by the use of soldiers and police to enforce the most elementary sanitary regulations ought at least to convince Lord George Hamilton that he had better proceed very cautiously in attempting to reimpose the C. D. Acts in India' (111). Also records that in early July 'Dr. Andrée, accompanied by Dr. Strendberg, a young scientist of twenty-five, and Mr. Frænckell, an engineer, started from Danes' Island on the North-West coast of Spitzbergen' in an attempt to reach the North Pole by balloon. According to their own calculations, the men should by now have completed their journey, but 'no authentic news by carrier pigeon or otherwise has reached the world of the safe arrival of the intrepid explorers'. Observes that 'balloons, from their great bulk, are bad to steer, and Dr. Andrée has gone perforce where the wind chose to take him', although 'If they perish, it is at least some consolation that there are only three'. (116)

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