Review of Reviews,  17 (1898), 3–9.

The Progress of the World



Regular Feature, Editorial, News-Commentary


Microscopy, Analogy, Nationalism, Imperialism, Sex, Hygiene, Public Health, Morality, Gender, Engineers, Industry, Government, Declinism, Expertise

    Notes that 'When men of science are preparing microscopical specimens for exhibition they frequently stain the exhibit with some coloured dye, which leaves its form intact, and brings out its outline in clear relief. A similar result has been attained on a wider arena than the slide of the microscope, by introducing a strain of German blood into the distinctly English stock of the Kaiser', for 'like the aniline stain in the microscopic preparation, his German dye makes the characteristic features of his English nature much more conspicuous than they would have been had he not been German Emperor', and his jingoistic conduct 'reveals the essential weakness and defects of our own [imperial] policy' (4). Warns that although it is 'a very glorious thing no doubt to have an Indian Empire', if its maintenance requires that 'the soldiers of the Queen must be provided by the Empress with enslaved women for their amusement, the matter assumes another aspect altogether' (6). Also reflects that, in light of the 'prolonged strike in the engineering trade, which is playing such havoc with British industry', 'If we are not to go under in the ceaseless warfare which is waged in the markets of the world, our industrial system must be under the control of the competent. The time has come when we have to recognise that in the interests of democracy the great revolutionary formula, "The tools to those who Can use them", must be supplemented by another formula no less imperative, and that is, "The Direction to those who have the Brains"' (6–7).

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