Review of Reviews,  17 (1898), 239.

How to Make Gold Out of Silver. Something Better than Klondyke




Publications abstracted:

Herbert C Fyfe Pearson's Magazine


Analytical Chemistry, Matter Theory, Metallurgy, Alchemy, Force, Political Economy

    Reports that Stephen H Emmens, 'an eminent chemist in New York, claims to manufacture gold out of silver' by the use of the 'Emmens Force Engine', which 'places at the investigator's disposal physical means greater than any scientists have before possessed' (pressures in excess of 500 tons/in2). The 'doctor claims that by simply hammering silver tremendously hard at a very low temperature, it turns into gold', and 'should Dr. Emmen's statements be verified, it is evident that the bimetallist question [concerning the fixed ratio of gold to silver as coined money] would be settled in a very revolutionary fashion' and 'we shall have to say, indeed, "Behold, a greater than Edison is here"'.

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