Review of Reviews,  19 (1899), 7–19.

The Progress of the World



Regular Feature, Editorial, News-Commentary


Transport, Electricity, Declinism, Education, Schools, Mathematics

    Bemoans the fact that 'London is woefully behind almost any second-rate American city in the matter of rapid transport. There is nothing in London that approaches either for speed or for cheapness to the long-distance fares on the trolley-cars which are rapidly becoming the universal means of transit in the Transatlantic cities'. Urges that the London County Council must sink the revenue which it receives from the current tram system into 'substituting electricity for horse-traction'. (14) Also reports the call made by John E Gorst for the improvement of elementary education in agricultural districts because 'otherwise you would have pupils sent up to technical schools so deficient in arithmetic that they could not keep up with their classes' (15).

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