Review of Reviews,  19 (1899), 142.

The Augean Stables Outdone. The Lair of Yellow Fever




Publications abstracted:

George E Hill Forum


Sanitation, Disease, Putrefaction, Hygiene, Imperialism, Endeavour

    Gives an account of the posthumous report of the 'martyr to sanitary research' George E Waring, who last year died of yellow fever while investigating the sanitary condition of Havana for the United States government. The Cuban capital has 'no sewerage system' and is 'Verily [...] a "city set on the hill", but it is a dunghill', but, since the liberation of Cuba from Spanish rule, 'American science and pluck' have 'resolutely set out to cleanse' the pestilential city in which, last year, the annual mortality rate was '139.36 per thousand'.

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