Review of Reviews,  2 (1890), 313–22.

The Progress of the World



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Military Technology, Industrial Chemistry, Progress, Metallurgy, Chemistry, Lecturing, Science Fiction, Population, Monographs, Gender, Exploration, Physical Geography

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Ernst G Ravenstein

    Comments that 'While politicians have rested on their oars, [...] scientists have been busy' during September. Military manoeuvres on the Continent, for instance, have 'driven home to the imagination of the world the fact that the "smoke of battle" is now as much an anachronism as the crossbow. The battles of the future will be fought with smokeless powder'. (313) Extols Frederick A Abel as a 'great chemist' and 'the wielder of Vril', but complains that his Presidential Address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science at Leeds contained 'no dynamite' and 'left no clear and certain impact upon the mind' (314). However, Ménie M Dowie, the 'granddaughter of Robert Chambers', delivered a paper on her explorations in the 'out-of-the-way' Carpathian mountains to the Geographical Section, which, far from being considered 'unwomanly', was received enthusiastically by 'the Parliament of Science'. Her talk 'teaches what a woman can do without ceasing to be womanly'. Also remarks that a 'cheap re-issue of Malthus's famous "Law of Population" is one of the signs of the times'. (315)

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