Review of Reviews,  2 (1890), 382–97.

The Book of the Month. In Darkest England, and the Way Out. By General Booth  [1/2]



Regular Feature, Abstract

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Booth 1890


Miracle, Religion, Materialism, Scientific Naturalism, Anti-Scientism

    Précis of a recent book by William Booth. Contends that the Salvation Army has elicited a 'pactolean stream from the barren rock of a materialistic and unbelieving generation'. Also argues that 'if General Booth be altogether mistaken in his theory of the universe, the work is even more miraculous than if he is right. For if we grant to the uttermost all that materialistic and agnostic ever claimed, grant that man dies as the beast dies [...] the marvel and the mystery of the work which Mrs. Booth and her husband set on foot are more marvellous and more mysterious than if these, our hypotheses, be correct'. (384)

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