Review of Reviews,  2 (1890), 561–67.

The Magic Lantern Mission



Editorial, Announcement


Education, Photography, Light, Microscopy, Colleges, Class

    Set thinking by an earlier article in the Review of Reviews [RR1/1/5a/7], the author announces that 'Photography and the Magic-Lantern seem destined to revolutionize education [...]. Between them they are going to democratize sects, [and] educate the masses'. It is 'in science teaching [that] this change will be more easily effected', where it is 'so obvious an advantage to be able to throw upon a screen, a thousand-fold magnified, before the eyes of a whole class, the exact picture of the microscopical infinitesimals, the varying fortunes of whose continual warfare make the difference between health and disease'. As well as in 'highly equipped colleges of science [...] endowed by pious founders or supported by public taxes', the magic lantern can also be used to help educate the poor, especially in religion. (561)

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