Review of Reviews,  4 (1891), 143.

A Recantation of Malthusianism. By Mrs. Besant




Publications abstracted:

Annie Besant Lucifer


Materialism, Freethought, Population, Theosophy, Error, Eschatology

    Explains the reasons for Besant's 'latest change of front'. Having given up 'her Materialism [...] and substituted Theosophy for Atheism [...] Malthusianism has [now] followed Materialism into the limbo of no longer credible fallacies'. In opposition to her earlier neo-Malthusian calls for birth control, Besant now preaches that only through a life of ascetic 'self-control and self-denial' will men and women be able to develop the 'bodies and brains of a higher type' that will be theirs after reincarnation.

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