Review of Reviews,  6 (1892), 44.

The Mystery of Automatic Handwriting. A Suggestion to Our Readers




Publications abstracted:

Benjamin F Underwood Arena


Spiritualism, Experimental Psychology

    Advises readers to devote 'half-an hour' to their own 'experiment' with the powers of automatic writing, and notes that the 'Spiritualist theory is that the hand is taken possession of or controlled by a disembodied spirit, which is delighted to have this opportunity of communicating once more with the world which it has left'. After considering the testimony of W Stainton Moses (who is 'now recovering slowly from his severe illness') concerning his 'regular tête-à-tête with the unseen intelligences which dominated his hand and wrote the substance of his "Spirit Teaching"', concludes that it is 'only possible to avoid the spiritistic hypothesis by setting up theories of personality which, if logically applied to the common actions of life, would land us in a condition of inextricable confusion'.

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