Review of Reviews,  7 (1893), 3–10.

The Progress of the World



Regular Feature, Editorial, News-Commentary


Race, Population, Darwinism, Materialism, Unbelief, Sex

    Reports that in North America the barring of immigration has been put forward as not only 'the most effective method of keeping out the cholera', but also as being 'imperatively necessary for the maintenance of a high order of American civilisation'. The 'principle of the anti-Chinese law', it is argued, must now be applied to 'the Mongolians of the Old World', the numerous 'degraded, illiterate immigrants' who arrive daily from Southern and Eastern Europe. In their home countries 'Scepticism and materialism have dimmed their vision of the heavens', and 'the prospect of an escape to America [...] seemed the nearest equivalent for their wavering faith in a celestial paradise'. If even this 'terrestrial paradise' is denied them, the 'sweltering mass of human misery in Europe' will be left to 'Cut each other's throats in the mad struggle for sustenance'. Announces that there is 'another way out' which the French are 'resolutely practising', and that is 'to limit the family'. Without giving any further details, notes that in France last year there 'were more marriages than any year since 1884, but not more children'. (3)

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