Review of Reviews,  7 (1893), 543–47.

Some Books of the Month. "The Heavenly Twins", "The Australian", Etc.



Regular Feature, Abstract

Publications abstracted:

Clowes 1893


Vivisection, Mesmerism

    Suggests that 'If you could imagine a vivisected dog describing the process of vivisection when it is still more or less dulled with curari, and with its motor nerves all paralysed by the knife of the vivisector, you can form some idea of one section' of The Heavenly Twins (543). Also describes William L Clowes's 'story of magnetic influence, exerted, not upon an individual, but upon a nation, and that nation the English. The operator is an American who, by some psychical means, which Mr. Laird-Clowes does not make sufficiently clear, succeeds in getting the whole population of the British Isles under his thumb, with the object of "running" the commercial possibilities of the nation as a limited liability company belonging to a few rich American speculators' (547).

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