Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 1 (1822), 800.

Tenacity of Life in Insects



Introduction; Extract, Letter, Reportage; Afterword

Publications extracted:

Mr Beddome


Entomology, Wonder, Biblical Authority, Natural Theology, Infidelity, Miracle

    The report concerns the survival of bees after prolonged immersion in honey and boiling. The afterword observes: 'Surely, "the Bible of Nature," to borrow the somewhat insidious expression of an Arch-infidel, must be allowed to have its mysteries, as inexplicable by us as any that are contained in the Bible of Revelation'. Quotes observations on the above report from 'a late number of a publication notorious for its sneers at Christianity', which states: '"Such a miraculous suspension of the faculties of life baffles our philosophy, and leaves us only to admire that hidden economy of nature, in her most minute productions, which we must despair ever to understand"'.

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