Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 1 (1822), 105–11.

Review of The Christian and Civic Economy of Large Towns, nos. I to VIII, by Thomas Chalmers]  [2/4]



Review, Serial

Publications reviewed:

Chalmers 1821–26


Political Economy, Christianity, Education, Morality, Reading

    Agrees with Thomas Chalmers in valuing the parish system and in considering it applicable to the new urban areas. Extracts lengthy quotations concerning the inadequacy of current attempts to introduce Christian virtue to 'the ignorant and vicious poor in large towns' (105) and concerning the more 'agressive movement' that is required, particularly relating to the use of Sunday schools (106). Discusses the need for education to be suffused with religious instruction and contrasts the situations in England and Scotland in this regard.

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