Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 1 (1822), 370–72.

Providential Arrangements Discovered by Chemistry

Editor, pseud.  [Thomas Jackson]


Introduction; Extract

Publications extracted:

F S Christian Observer


Chemistry, Design, Natural Theology, Gas Chemistry, Physiology, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Botany, Natural Economy, Heat, Meteorology, Nutrition, Piety

    The extract is introduced by an editorial note stating that it is reprinted 'contrary to our usual rule' from 'a respectable contemporary Publication'. The editor continues: 'We should be glad, if some of our scientific readers would oblige us by occasional communications of the same class, adapted for popular use'. The extract promises to 'select a few of the most prominent features in Chemistry, which are proofs of the existence and providence of the Deity, and which have been omitted to be mentioned, or are only slightly touched upon, by Dr. Paley and other writers on Natural Theology'. (370) The instances given include the adaptation of the composition of air for the purposes of respiration, the adaptation of the density of air for various purposes, the role of plants in renovating the atmosphere, and the anomalous expansion of water on freezing.

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