Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 1 (1822), 426–33.

The Angels Studying the Gospel: A Sermon, by the Rev. John Stephens  [1/2]

Rev. John Stephens


Sermon, Serial


Theology of Nature, Natural Theology, Biblical Authority

    Observes: 'Neither the works of Creation, nor the dispensations of Providence, nor the corruscations of the fiery law, could furnish man with clear, consistent, and harmonious views of the divine perfections. It is only in the face of Christ Crucified that we behold the full splendour of the divine glory' (429). Notes that neither people nor angels have perfect knowledge of God. Reflecting that some 'mere sciolists in knowledge' reject the Bible because there are mysteries in it, avers: 'Were there no mysteries in the Bible, it could not have come from God, for mysteries abound in all his works. We can find out neither Him nor any of his works to perfection' (432).

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