Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 2 (1823), 747–50.

Christian Retrospect of General Occurrences, Interesting to those who Fear God, on Account of their Influence on Religion, or on Public Morals and Happiness. No. XIII. Probable Termination of the War in Spain.—Aspect of European Affairs.—Insurrection in Demerara



Regular Feature, News-Commentary


Cultural Geography, Christianity, Superstition, Infidelity, Nationalism, Providence

    Discussing what are viewed as the injurious effects of Catholicism in Spain, avers that the oscillations in the 'Continental States' between atheism and superstition are being used by 'Providence' to teach 'the grand lesson, that national prosperity, happiness, and improvement, can find no solid foundation but upon the principles of true Christianity'. Observes: 'This lesson is daily becoming more visible in the disquietudes and wretchedness of every nation which fights against the truth, and in the contrast which it presents to those countries which recognize and respect it, in point of public character, enterprise, commerce, science, and general welfare'. (748)

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