Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 2 (1823), 819–21.

Christian Retrospect of General Occurrences Interesting to Those who Fear God, on Account of Their Influence on Religion, or on Public Morals and Happiness. No. XIV. Insurrection in Demerara.—The Last Session of Parliament. Advantages of a State of Peace, in Reference to Domestic Legislation. Recent Alterations in Our Criminal Code. Amended Marriage-Act



Regular Feature, News-Commentary


Government, Cultural Geography, Mental Illness, Crime, Feeling

    Discussing the business of Parliament observes: 'The consideration of the subjects which this vast range of legislation embraces, the conflict of opinions, the examination of evidence, and the research for principles or precedents, must, at this ratio, bring into exercise a portion of intellect, professional and philosophical talent, and personal industry, which it is impossible to estimate [...]. Of this none but a great and enlightened nation is capable'. Welcomes a liberalisation in the law respecting the burial of suicides. Hopes that this will lead juries to be more truthful in their verdicts at inquests; suspects that they have often been induced 'by mere feeling, to shut their eyes on evidence'. Observes: 'So lax indeed has opinion been on this subject, that we have seen it laid down, and that by a Coroner in his direction to the Jury, that the act of self-destruction is itself a sufficient proof of lunacy!'. (820)

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