Wesleyan Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 2 (1823), 83–84.

On Godliness and Holiness. Extracted from John Goodwin's Divine Authority of the Scriptures Asserted, pp. 85–87. Edit. 1648.



Extract, Miscellaneous

Publications extracted:

Goodwin 1648


Natural Philosophy, Piety

    In the extract John Goodwin considers godliness a 'propension in the soul, which inclines it, in all the motions and tendencies of it, towards God'. Considers this analogous to the 'natural quality of heaviness in a stone, and in all other heavy bodies, which directs them in a straight line to the centre of the earth' and the 'contrary impression of lightness in fire, whose property is to carry the body towards the circumference'. (83) Suggests: 'Holiness may be compared to the brightness which is in gold; Godliness, to that weightiness in it, which carries it towards the centre. Holiness respects the nature and quality of the action, and engageth to a serious and zealous rectitude in these: Godliness respects the end of the action, and carries the agent in his intentions upon God' (84).

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