Wesleyan Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 2 (1823), 248–51.

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Regular Feature—Literary Notice; Review

Publications reviewed:

Burder 1822

Publications noticed:

Crabb 1823 , Prichard 1819


Encyclopaedias | Archaeology | Natural Theology, Biblical Authority, Metaphysics

    Observes that, while in some 'very able Discourses on the Divine Attributes it has been a grievous fault, that the Christian Minister has been much less apparent than the Metaphysician or the mere Moral Philosopher', Henry F Burder's The Scripture Character of God is 'totally exempt' from this. While the subject unavoidably requires the author 'briefly to allude to metaphysical disquisitions, and to give a general statement of those views and arguments in which all Theists concur', he makes constant use of the Bible as his chief source. (250)

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