Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 2 (1823), 372–80.

[Review of Theological Institutes, Part 1, by Richard Watson]  [2/2]




Publications reviewed:

Watson 18[23]–29


Geology, Biblical Authority, Infidelity

    Describing Watson's 'Answers to Miscellaneous Objections' observes that '[w]ithin the last few years the most plausible objections to the Sacred Volume have been furnished by geological speculations'. Relates that Watson 'has shown that many of the writers who have been the most forward to object to the Mosaic account of the creation, have had only a very inadequate conception of that which the author of the Book of Genesis intended to teach; and that the principles of Geological Science are by no means sufficiently ascertained, to warrant those bold conclusions, which men of sceptical minds have so hastily deduced from them: for it is a fact, that men who are sceptics in religion, often display a voracious credulity in other subjects'. (378)

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