Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 3 (1824), 821–24.

Select List of Books Recently Published, Chiefly Religious: With Occasional Characteristic Notices



Regular Feature—Review; Literary Notice

Publications reviewed:

Stanley 1824 Foster 1824 [Conder] 1825–29

Publications noticed:

Harris 1824 Time's Telescope (1825)


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    The reviewer of Henry Foster's The Bible Preacher dislikes preachers using such sermon outlines, observing that, 'like the steerage of the wings and tails of birds', arrangement and method 'must grow out of the living body, and will answer no purpose if merely stuck upon it'. Observes of such skeleton sermons: 'We are no adepts in theological anatomy. The differences between skeleton and skeleton, bone and bone, must however be chiefly in the size; and all we can say therefore is, that these skeletons are generally shorter and more slender than those which have of late been wired together, and set up in their respective cases'. Welcomes the first eight parts of Josiah Conder's The Modern Traveller, observing that books of travels in recent years have tended only to be published in expensive editions, and noting that the editor of the work in hand 'proposes to cut down these ponderous tomes [...] and to exhibit in a cheap and elegant miniature edition, in monthly parts, all that is valuable in them'. (823)

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