Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 3 (1824), 811–20.

Review of The Bampton Lectures for the Year 1824, by John J Conybeare  [2/2]



Review, Serial

Publications reviewed:

Conybeare 1824


Biblical Authority, Natural Philosophy, Piety

    Endorses John J Conybeare's argument that some 'spiritual' interpretation of the Bible is endorsed by the Bible itself. Follows his survey of allegorical interpretation through the history of the Christian Church, in which he demonstrates that the application of this principle has often been erroneous. Concludes with an extract relating to the 'Hutchinsonian School', in which Conybeare argues that John Hutchinson and his followers were 'pious and ingenious' but 'highly fanciful' in their interpretations. He reports that, unlike many who sought to 'strain and pervert the sacred text' to match their philosophy, the Hutchinsonians sought to correct 'philosophical theories of mere human invention' in accordance with what they believed to be the 'real and original' sense of the Biblical texts. The extract also commends the Hutchinsonians for the excellence of their scholarly endeavours, and for their piety. (820)

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