Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 3 (1824), 21.

Natural Religion. (From the Rev. Prebendary Dennis's Answer to Manning)



Extract, Miscellaneous

Publications extracted:

Jonas Dennis


Natural Theology, Biblical Authority, Ancient Authorities, Infidelity

    Asserts that natural religion 'is a mere phantom of the imagination, which ought never to be named among Christians'. Argues that revelation is coeval with the creation, and that even the 'heathen philosophers' derived their knowledge of religion, insofar as it was correct, from tradition, the Bible, or the Jews. Observes: 'The theory of Natural Religion, first proposed to supply arguments against Atheists, has contributed to convert thousands into Deists [....]; many of whom derive weapons from the writings of the professed advocates of revealed religion, which they use for the purpose of destroying revelation itself'.

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