Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 3 (1824), 193.

Wonderful Progress of Mechanical Invention



Abstract, Address

Publications abstracted:

Benjamin A Heywood Liverpool Royal Institution


Societies, Lecturing, Invention, Progress, Nationalism, Machinery, Manufactories, Industry, Political Economy, Steam-power, Education, Steamships, Vaccination, Chemistry, Government, Patronage, Instruments, Mathematics, Utility, Expertise, Genius

People mentioned:

Adam Smith , Pierre C F Dupin , Charles Babbage

    Reviews the increasing importance of machinery in manufactures, and its relation to manual labour. Appraises the recent increase in 'scientific acquirements' in the country, particularly celebrating the patronage of Charles Babbage's calculating machine. Considers such developments an encouragement to the Liverpool Royal Institution to maintain its endeavours, observing: 'Invention might have passed the bounds which uneducated talent and uncultivated genius could hope to reach. [...] Study might be hereafter necessary to open the way to distinction in every useful art; and the lecture and model rooms become absolutely necessary to the development even of the greatest natural mechanical genius'.

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