Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 3 (1824), 586–602.

The Truth, by Which God Shows His Willingness that all Men Should be Saved: A Discourse in Behalf of the Wesleyan Missions, Preached at Great Queen-Street, Lincoln's Inn-Fields, London, May 2, 1824. By the Rev. Adam Clarke, L.L.D., F.A.S.

Rev. Adam Clarke, L.L.D., F.A.S.




Creation, Human Species, Race, Ethnology, Natural Theology, Biblical Authority

    Bases the claim that God 'wills that all men should be saved' on the principle that he created 'of one flesh and blood all the nations of men, to dwell on the face of the whole earth'. Asserts: 'None were created but Adam and Eve: all the rest came by natural generation from those two'. (588) Declares that the Bible 'contains the only system of pure Theology;—the only rational account of the Being and Perfections of God' (589).

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