Wesleyan Methodist Magazine,  3rd ser. 4 (1825), 73–78.

Memoir of the Late Mr. Robert Spence, of York. By the Rev. A. E. Farrer  [1/2]

Rev. A E Farrer


Obituary, Serial


Providence, Miracles, Anthropocentrism, Microbiology, Astronomy, Theology of Nature, Piety

    The writer observes that the 'most striking instances of the care of a particular Providence are furnished in the history of individuals'. Continues: 'That the world is not abandoned to the sport of a blind chance, or governed by a mere mechanical agency, but by the immediate and constant interposition of the Divine Being, and that his peculiar attentions are devoted to his own people, are truths supported by powerful evidence'. Denies any objection to this based on 'our comparative insignificancy', for the omnipresent God 'can with the same ease superintend "the excursions of an Archangel and the flutterings of a bee"; wheel the planets on their orbits, and direct the smallest corpuscle of blood that flits through the minutest vein of the most insignificant animalcule'. (75)

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