Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, 3rd ser. 5 (1826), 330–33.

Select List of Books Recently Published, Chiefly Religious. With Occasional Characteristic Notices



Regular Feature—Review; Literary Notice

Publications reviewed:

Dick 1826 Ellis 1826 Chalmers 1826

[1 Review of Philosophy of Religion, by Thomas Dick]


Theology of Nature, Natural Theology

    The reviewer complains that Thomas Dick does not dwell adequately on human depravity and on the Christian doctrine of atonement. Dick, it is claimed, 'is greatly enamoured with natural science, and censures Christian Ministers for not introducing more frequently in their public discourses an account of the magnitude and variety of the works of God'. However, the reviewer denies that 'the demon of malignity can be expelled from the human heart by arguments drawn from such topics, or by any other means than that of the direct agency of the Holy Ghost'. (331)

[2 Review of Narrative of a Tour through Hawaii, by William Ellis]


Exploration, Ethnography, Natural History, Vulcanology

[3 Review of On Cruelty to Animals, by Thomas Chalmers]


Theology of Nature, Cruelty, Government

    The reviewer applauds the law recently passed 'to protect the animal creation from wanton cruelty'. Noting the establishment of an annual lecture in Edinburgh on the subject, of which Thomas Chalmers's is the first, the reviewer expresses the hope that other ministers in different parts of the country will take pains to 'remind the human savage, whether vulgar or polite, scientific or ignorant,' that the creation belongs to its divine author. (333)

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