Wesleyan Methodist Magazine, 3rd ser. 5 (1826), 370–77.

Hope for the Heathen: A Sermon: By the Rev. John Mason, D.D.  [1/2]



Extract, Sermon, Serial

Publications extracted:

Mason 1803


Natural Theology, Reason, Religion, Ancient Authorities

Institutions mentioned:

New York Missionary Society

    Noting that 'God is the source of intellectual light', the preacher reflects on the intellectual darkness in which the heathen are plunged. He observes of God: 'The "heavens may declare his glory, and the firmament show forth his handy work;" (psal. xix. 1;) but the Pagans, unaccustomed to decipher their language, and to study their lessons, do not thence derive, in fact, just and clear perceptions even of "his eternal power and Godhead:" far less of his moral character' (373). The 'most celebrated heathen philosophers' were exceedingly dubious in their knowledge of the divinity (374).

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